Stuck? We can fix that.

Stalled progress and stagnation. These are problems affecting almost every nonprofit at some point in its lifecycle. But it will only remain permanent if nothing changes.

Our Nonprofit Accelerator helps organizations achieve sustainable growth.

Unlike other programs, this isn’t like drinking from a firehose that promises to solve your problems overnight. Our program lasts 9-12 months followed by 6-months of ongoing maintenance. We tap our network to get you the expertise you need accelerate the growth and progress of your organization, and we guide you through the difficult decisions that will help you get to the next level.

We do so by focusing primarily on the people, which is why the board and key volunteers must participate in the process. If there are no people, there is no organization, and certainly, no continued momentum.

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Your leadership will be what gets you to the next level.


What do you achieve in the Accelerator?

  • You build a strong board and volunteer committees with descriptions and evaluation tools

  • You identify and secure resources needed to reach a level of sustainability

  • You strengthen operations and infrastructure

  • You develop a system of administrative support and controls adequate to operate the nonprofit organization effectively

"Thanks so much, Vicki. I always walk away from our calls energized about what we can get accomplished with The Burkhart Group's help."
- Stacy Borans, MD, Founder/Chief Medical Officer at Advanced Medical Strategies and President of Stray Cat Blues Inc.

How do we help you do it?

Organizations in the Accelerator might work through the following deliverables:

  • completing a strategic plan with measurable goals and objectives

  • securing leadership for the board with a strong succession plan

  • creating the infrastructure, i.e., the organization chart, complete with area descriptions, position roles and responsibilities, and accountability

  • designing a multi-faceted fundraising program to secure adequate resources

  • developing adequate administrative support to sustain the momentum gained through the Accelerator

A virtual assistant is assigned to manage and thoroughly document all materials, processes, templates, and other resources developed through the Accelerator.

To best support your organization and its people, we integrate into your activities and work alongside you to reach your benchmarks.

Contact us for more information or to get started.