The More Than Giving Co.
It all starts with the people.
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We want to help you maximize your impact

Whether you’re raising money to build capacity at your nonprofit, launching a new membership program at your professional organization, or engaging your employees around a cause that matters, the people in the room will determine your success.

As a nonprofit, your board is your lifeline. Without the right people in place, you won’t reach your full potential. We invest in volunteers as well as the systems that support them to help nonprofits create sustainable growth.

We also know that corporations want to give back. As a company with unmatched nonprofit experience, we understand a charity’s need for funds, but we also understand the broader needs, especially the need for people. There are many dynamic opportunities for companies to engage with a cause, and we want to help you find them.

Welcome to the More Than Giving Co.


Building a Network for People

Our founder, Vicki Burkhart, speaks and consults in the areas of board development, strategic planning and capacity building. She also manages The Burkhart Group, which helps to grow nonprofit organizations to national platforms, and directs a Nonprofit Accelerator to kick-start sustainable growth.


20 Years Strong.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve crafted over 40 strategic plans, coached 78 organization presidents, strengthened 60 nonprofit boards, and worked with hundreds of volunteers to advance their work with nonprofits.


Not sure? Take our quiz.

Whether you’re a nonprofit or a corporation, you might need help making more impact. If you answer no to any of these questions, you could benefit from working with us:

  1. Is your board actively involved in fundraising?
  2. Does your board refresh annually with new members?
  3. Do all board members do their “fair share” of the work?
  4. Can you identify your next president and is he/she prepared to serve?
  5. Do corporate partnerships play a significant role in achieving sustainability?
  6. Is there a current strategic plan that guides decision making?
  7. Are you engaging employees in causes that matter to them?